We all like talking about sex. We like thinking about sex. We like fantasizing about sex. Even when you text single women, be ready to discuss this hot topic sooner or later.But when it comes to actually having sex, quite often we can back off. Why is it happening? Why we are giving up that easily on something that we fantasize about? Do we prefer dreaming of over actually engaging in sex? We hear a lot of people talking about that online dating has been killing not only romance, but sex as well, for the last few decades.

But is it date women online to blame? Maybe we are just afraid of having sex? But, wait a minute, so we are dreaming about sex, but we are actually afraid of it?! It kinda makes no sense, but only at the first glance.

It’s not that we are afraid of the sex per se, but we are afraid of the things that are inseparable from sex. We all have fears connected with sex, and those fears prevent us from actually enjoying it. So, let’s check out the major fears that prevent you from enjoying sex without further ado.

The Way You Look Naked

Yep, we all have fantasies about sex. And in those fantasies we rarely take into consideration the way we look naked. When it comes to real sex, we are afraid that our prospective sexual partner would find us unattractive. Yep, you may be chubby or you may be too thin. You may have a flat ass or your legs are not beautiful. All in all, we all have some part of body that we are not fond of. But that doesn’t mean that you should avoid sex because of that. You partner may find you attractive regardless of the things that you don’t like about yourself. And those who are looking for sex online may not even think about the way you look naked, when there is a possibility to get laid.

Not Being Good At Sex

When you are inexperienced in sex or your previous sexcapades were not that cool, you may get the feeling that you are not good at sex. As a result, you are yearning for sex, but turn down every possibility to have it, as you think that you suck at sex. It’s one of the most common fears concerning sex, and it is absolutely ridiculous, as if you pay attention to your partner’s needs there is no possible way that you would be bad at sex.

Fear Of STDs Well, we are living in the 21st century and not that long ago we had HIV/AIDS epidemic, so there is pointless to say “Oh, no! That definitely not going to happen to me!”. It can happen to anyone. We are not talking about HIV per se, but there are other STDs that, while not deadly, are not pleasant to experience. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid sex because of the fear of STDs. Just be careful and use condoms and enjoy sex with the lower risk of getting STDs.